If you have overdue TPARs, lodge them now

The Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPAR)

The TPAR must be lodged by 28th August each year.  If your business makes payments to contractors you may need to report these payments in a TPAR.


From the 23rd March 2022, the ATO will apply "failure to lodge" penalties to those who:
Did not lodge their 2021 or prior year TPAR
Have already been sent three (3) non-lodgement letters about their overdue TPAR
Do not respond to our follow up phone call about their overdue TPAR.

In coming weeks, the ATP may phone business owners about their overdue TPAR, to follow up the non-lodgement letters they have sent.

The details you need to Report.

The Contractor's ABN
their name (individual or business)
Their address
The gross amount you paid to them for the financial year (including GST paid and any tax withheld).

Be aware that if you receive invoices that include both labour and materials, you have to report the total amount of the payment. This is regardless of whether the invoice is itemised or combined. If you use the same contractors throughout the year, check with these people that their ABN is the same and hasn’t changed over the period. You can use the ABN Lookup facility online to check ABNs if needed.
Source: ATO - Penalties for overue TPAR

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